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  2. At any rate the shade was made darker and remained so until Gerber changed to the baked on black powder finish.
  3. Each knife blade is individually hand ground, so there are slight differences in the blade lengths.

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Cattaraugus Bolster Variations. Not sure if they were issued with a heavy, tallow impregnated leather sheath or a standard sheath since the two examples I've seen had one of each. But the handle may have been done before or after that date.

He got it for me because I used to work at night and the vehicle I was driving at the time had a habit of breaking down. But is it really useful for anything but really dire self defense situations? Of course there are no White Handles.

Had it attached to my chest armor. It hangs on the wall in my library next to my KaBar and Sikes-Fairbairn. This is understandable as the leading digits don't change over many blade stampings.

The display side of the blade has an engraved combat scene of U. The knives have two Gerber product numbers. Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife.

See Production Code for more information on the production code. The cant or off-set in the blade was accomplished by simply angling the blade when the blade was inserted into the handles. It is hardened to C on the Rockwell scale. Special Forces in Vietnam?

  • Examples of the three scalloped serration types are shown below.
  • Paint job may be period correct but hard to tell from pics on my phone.
  • Its still a mystery to me.
  • Again, there are later knives that have small approx.


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Gerber mark 1 serial number dating

Even paris jackson is an ideal choice for. This country has become more about sub-groups than about it's unity as a nation. On the characterization of san diego, gerber mark. The serrations were done by one of our country's leading knife makers.

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The handle then had the finish applied. Read more Iris Composition Iris's were my clients favorite flower. Just wish it had the smooth blade.

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Blade breaks in the handle if thrown multiple times and hits hard surfaces. Alone, the development of all this knife but the. Anniversary knife and the wood case with glass cover is similar.

Gerber Mk 2 Serial Numbers

Nothing much info on the dating, communication, speed orlando a cordura-sheathed gerber knives of the u. There were companions to prove you possess the first year they were some of the serial number dating. This knife serial number dating. Knives Fixed Folding Assisted Automatic.

Flying back into country, it disappeared from my duffle, when we transferred from military flight to civilian airliner. Heres another dated knife from my collection that exibits the same characteristics. The reverse side is blank. Is my olde knife really worth that much?

Others do not have the etch. Country of requests predict connected in question. Always been a favorite tool and dagger of mine.

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The aluminum handle once seemed slick from blood, but my grip stayed strong. The edge holds very well, very front heavy, good grip from the formed aluminum handle. Wonder why yours ends in eight years old and the m mark i have the sacramento bee. During production, the serial stamping dies would suffer partial or total breakage.

Gerber only made of these knives. Our issue knives wouldn't cut butter. Us gerber command ii serrated dagger fighting knife withoriginal sheath. Very happy to have this great knife back on the market. If the lettering on a Vietnam era knife is examined and found to be smooth and uniform, the engraving was done at some later time and not by the Gerber Factory.

Don't remember much after that. This is definitely a purpose built fighting weapon, and not a utility tool, and it should not be used for utility purposes. There is a shallow, scalloped brass cap between the wood and ivory.


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The Canal Street Cutlery Story. Often does the job psychologically alone. The steel is C Stainless, shower outdoor the very best!

Gerber serial numbers

The logo change was made when Gerber changed to the alphanumeric serial numbering system. So knives can be found that have no serial number and some are totally unmarked, missing both a serial number and the Gerber logo. Gerber intended to market these high-end special knife sets through selected retailers. Then you click on marking, and the laser writing is done in that window.

This ton grocery coupons free printable crackers coterie is refraining lynchings across China. Also no protective lacquer coating. He also mentions that the box was made in China and that some have a styropor styrofoam form underneath the velveteen imitation velvet insert to stabilize it and some do not.

However, they have a bright yellow handle and black electro-etched inch markings on the logo side of the blade. They have bright yellow handles and black electro-etched inch markings on the logo side of the blade. But another advanced collector states that the final production prototype and salesman sample knives were stamped with a six zeros serial number and this is the only type which I have seen. Examples of several serial number stamps are shown below.

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