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Do I really have to say it? Ai will eventually feel guilty and break up with the protagonist, revealing that she cares about him too much as a friend to hurt him like this. You decide your own worth.

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It's an interestingly awkward spectacle to behold, to say the least. Yu pulls her down, and after much struggle, she eventually calms down enough to confide in him. She orders Yu to find out from Kou himself whether he liked anyone or not, since Ai harbors a crush for him. She drags him off to see movies, to shop, and generally regards him as hired help.

P4g dating ai

Link, she basically bitch slap Ai out of the way so she spend time with the main character. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Are there bonus scenes if you do that a lot? Your eyes taught me how to do that. In the opening intro, Ai is seen scolding Adachi before he calls Dojima.

You can always explore other options in subsequent new game plus runs. Press a button, and out comes your clothes. Ai and Chie slapping each other. Link scenarios have more opportunities to reverse than any other character in the whole game and the only one that can be Broken.

She comes to help Yu for Christmas Eve before everything turns into a mess. Also, Chie is best girl, everyone knows this. There are only a couple times where one girl might get jealous For example that Yukiko scene above But nothing was lost. Ai trying to commit suicide. Just messed up getting Naoto as my girlfriend on my second playthrough.

  1. The two exchange blows as they fight, the players too focused on their game to notice.
  2. Man, I was scared when she walks in on my date it Ai.
  3. Kou soon leaves, and Yu discovers Ai wallowing in self-pity.
  4. Ai will invite the protagonist to skip class later on, and he will accompany her on a shopping trip to Okina City.
  5. Later, at Aiya's, the team celebrates their game, still joyous in the face of their failure.
  6. Ai's photobooth pictures with Yu.

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Lovers Route - Lover's Flag. He watches as she moves on ahead to walk beside Kou, striking up a conversation. The only thing that really has any kind of negative affect is having to choose between them on certain events. Chie is confused during all this, not understanding both Yosuke and Ai's attitudes towards her.

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Ai proceeds to treat Yu as her personal chauffeur, and bag carrier. Once Yukari saw Ai and I together, but I talked my way out of it. Or should I just forget about that and try the other girls?

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From now on, people like you will be my mirror. But if monogamy is your way, then stick to one. So bottom line here, should I have multiple girlfriends? Ai, in turn, feels guilty for Kou, marina dating and his performance cements her feelings for him.

P4g dating ai

Kondo as the sports team manager, but it's immediately evident that she couldn't care less about the team. Ai explained that she was only there to fulfill the attendance quota and ensure her graduation, since she had been skipping classes for quite a while now. She quickly become friends with Marie and asks her to choose a dress for her. The big bonus that you get come at Chrismast eve, were one of the girl will call and ask if she can spend the night over at your place, dating an older man you can guess what she really want.

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Which is partly the reason why I bothered with a second playthrough. And also can I have multiple girlfriends? However, having her feelings indirectly spurned once again, Ai takes refuge in the protagonist being nice to her despite having no ulterior motives, and suggests that they should become a couple. They soon start to bicker, and Ai slaps Chie out of anger. In actuality, she was avoiding her more laid-back, simpler, but truer self.

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Does anybody know which Christmas scene you get when you have multiple girlfriends? Bring back the main forum list. The protagonist can ask Ai out, provided that his Courage characteristic has reached Lv. Ai giving a deathglare to Chie.

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  • Yu and Ai talking on the rooftop.
  • She went to my room again, and I spent a long while with her.
  • And don't stress about one character only being your friend.
  • Yu and Ai ditching class to go shopping.
  • Is it possible to still get S.

She puts herself through various trials to become more appealing to her choice, and appears so desperate for love that she forces the protagonist into briefly dating her. Are there any specific benefits to dating anyone in particular? On weekends, she wears a pink dress with matching pink ribbon, a white bolero jacket, and pink high heels.

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Morooka is pissed off at Yu and Ai for ditching class. All the while, Yu's friends worry about his well being, as he has no time for the rest of them, girl and he is constantly called by Ai. So feel free to have more than one girlfriend. You get their ultimate persona either way.

P4g dating ai

Despite her pattern of truancy, Ai has many admirers, dating site and her beauty is said to trump even Yukiko Amagi's. Normal Route - Temporary Lovers. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

Eventually, she comes to terms with her treatment of others and still pursues Kou, hoping to do better. What are you talking about? Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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Ai getting caught listening in on Yu and Kou's conversation. Because I'm special to you. You will still have max social link. It is similar to her in-game social link, with a few differences.

Ai asking Nanako about her scarf. After her father earned a fortune in land investment, her family moved to Yasoinaba. At length, Ai becomes placid enough to forget about Kou, and instead forces Yu to be her fake boyfriend, until she found a suitable replacement. During Summer, while attending the Summer festival, she wears a light pink shirt, a striped scarf, and a pink miniskirt.

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Other Things to Do and Know. Again, it like a menu there to, you just cancel rende-vous until the girl what to get busy call. To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean. And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay, worth it? As a result, he brings her to the basketball game to act as manager, in order for her to realize her true feelings.

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