Schwinn tire dating, serial number location

Schwinn Serial Numbers and Date Codes

The story of these unique bicycles is a meaningful branch of Schwinn's history. Schwinn's Chicago handbuild shop was closed in and production of the Paramount came to a halt at that time. Some bike to add another serial number in amazing lightly stamped in the chicago built schwinn bicycle.

The Monark Silver King Inc. This bike is a Snyder built bike. Their frames are CrMo throughout with forged rear dropouts and a threaded bottom bracket for cotterless cranksets, arguing after 2 and they have a chrome plated CrMo fork. Sears did offer a Bluebird for the model year but it was based on a standard bicycle frame which changed the look substantially.

Schwinn continental

The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange

  1. Sears sold about of these bikes from to and it is estimated that about survive today.
  2. In this website, we credit the people involved in the understanding of these codes.
  3. Request for Information This component dating discussion is a work in progress.
  4. The girls bikes were offered in the standard colors as well as blue.
  5. Surprisingly the frames on these bikes were prone to breaking and the spring fork did not hold up well either so not many exist in original condition.

In they began producing steel framed bikes which dominated their model line-up. There are date codes on some Nitto stems. They feature contoured joints, thin seatstays with bullet-point tips, catchy internet dating headlines and those slightly oversize seat- and downtubes. This is a case where the restoration cost many times what the bike is worth.

The subcontractors may have used their own dating systems, as changing to a standardized Sugino system would add extra cost and perhaps confusion at the subcontractor's plant. This component dating discussion is a work in progress. Sugino has used at least six codes for their cranks. So seatstay-to-seat-tube and rear-dropout brazing was often just partially smoothened, sites dating and the undersides of the chainstay-to-bottom-bracket joints were rarely finished or smoothened at all.

Example Numbers

Schwinn Bicycles

This bike has been fully restored and is ridden regularly. These could be the in-between years of transition between the Showa and Western calendar. Hence Paramount serial numbers are unique to Paramounts and serve as a tally of Paramount production, while serial numbers on the fillet-brazed models were mixed in with other Schwinn models. For additional strength Schwinn also brazed steel sleeves into the interior of its frame tubes at the joints. The Monark Silver King Co.

Serial Number Location

He thought all Shimano components use a common code. In a girls model was introduced and lasted only one year. The streamline theme was carried through to the full length chain guard along with a curved crank and fender braces.


From on, several different coding systems were used, from which the manufacture date and often the assembly date can be decifered. However, finding the code may be hard on the saddle. Here are not sure if letters were used, schwinn bicycle made most bomb-resistant bikes that late date in the schwinn bike. Sears primarily used the Westfield Mfg.

Following Ben's lead - I checked three sets of Dia-Compe G calipers and all have the four-digit date code on the back of one of the arms. Generally the Firestone bicycles were budget models with plainer paint schemes and a painted tank. The Normandy Luxe Competition hubs we have seen have no stamped information, but were marked with gold or red stickers on their barrels. This bicycle was in poor shape when first found and was treated to a full concours restoration performed by Bob Strucel, one of the top bicycle restorers in the country. Westfield Manufacturing built bicycles under many different brands.

Most early Treks through about were sold as framesets. Schwinn Home s s s s s Epilogue and Sources Serial Numbers Models Head Badges. The code is on the outer flange or the center shaft of hubs, on the backside of crank arms, below the insertion mark on at least some seatposts, and on chainwheels.

  • This bike is original and unrestored except for the tires original tires stored.
  • Sears did not make its own bicycles and the Robin was made by Westfield Manufacturing of Westfield Mass.
  • The bike was manufactured by the H.
  • The Superior and New World were the second line of Schwinn bicycles, with in a more intermediate price range.
  • Although they were fabricated in the same shop as the Paramounts, from there Schwinn's fillet-brazed frames took a different production path.
Schwinn Fitness

This is an original paint bike and even retains its Wards Riverside Mate tires. This bike is thought to be unique and, except for the later Firestone tires, is original. The to Bluebird is considered one of the most desirable of all prewar balloon tire bicycles. See the Williams components dating information provided by Hiliary Stone and shown on the Classic Rendezvous web site.

How to Identify a Schwinn Bicycle

At least it would be the earliest date that the bike could have been made. Other manufacturers of bicycle components have date marks on their pieces. The tubes were frozen and then wedged into the lugs to create a friction fit once the tubes expanded upon thawing. Ironically at a time when most other manufacturers offered the chain guard as standard this was an extra cost item on the Super Mobike. This bike is owner restored and over two years was spent researching this bike.

The Super Mobike model was first introduced in and was the top-of-the-line offering from Iver Johnson. That success is owed in part to early pioneering efforts with oversize tubesets such as and as well as its unique relationship with Reynolds. The tank was actually a toolbox and the canister hanging under it is for the dry cell battery to power the headlight.

How to Identify a Schwinn Bicycle

An arrow points to the month the product was made. On front derailleurs it is stamped on the back side of the inner cage. Unfortunately, the realities of the marketplace didn't agree, and Schwinn closed the factory, transferring most production to Japan Panasonic and Taiwan Giant. The flat-bladed forks were also forged.

You should be able to see it by peeling back the hood from the handlebar end. Schwinn was, however, able to recruit an up-and- coming rider named Lance Armstrong to its ranks. Despite its rarity and value this bicycle is ridden. Some bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece.

Date code for Schwinn sting-ray tires

Those saddles without a code on the underside may have the code molded into the top of the plastic molded core, hidden by the seat cover. If you have a schwinn serial number in. Several factors led to the end of Schwinn's fillet-brazed line. The current method of date coding Brooks saddles is a colored stamp on the underside of the saddle, with a number for the year surrounding a letter for the month.

SunTour derailleurs have a two-letter date code. Inside the Varsity, by Mark Muller New! The author does not know why lugs were not used for these frames. The series frames and forks were built entirely in Waterloo.

About Sport Limited's were made and sold to Schwinn dealers for resale as they saw fit. An interesting exception to the Suntour date code pattern is reported by Ian Hillerud. This article had been unavailable for a while, but now has a permanent home on this site.

There also may be a cast-in code of a number and perhaps two letters. Whenever a new emperor took the throne, a new era was officially declared. The extra thickness of the fillet also provides strength, and its smooth contour distributes stresses evenly.

Weinmann and Dia-Compe calipers usually have codes on the back of a caliper arm. The bike is left in its original condition to preserve an important piece of bicycle history. If you have a stem with a code, and know the year of the bike on which it came or the date it was bought, please let me know. If you like, australia muslim dating use the web site translation function on the AltaVista. Huret Derailleurs Huret front and rear derailleurs often have a four-digit date code.

This model is a close relative of the Huffman Super Streamline models. Even the handlebars were cushioned with rubber. The painted horn button is not a mistake.

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